Top 10 Things to Know

Top 10 “Things to Know” for Powerfully Profitable Radio Advertising

1: How to choose a station

  • Reach your target demo
  • Cover your preferred service area
  • Double check that it will give you correct frequency within your budget

2: How to build in solid schedule components

  • Radio divides the 24 hours of a day into 4 to 5 hour segments
  • Morning Drive, Midday, Afternoon Drive, Evening and Overnight
  • Find out the time of day the station has the most listeners
  • Also check for special programming, such as a feature, or call-in show
  • Find out what “extras” are available, such as bonus ads or web-links
  • Ask what community events the station is involved with that mirror your personal charitable giving

3: How to build a solid schedule

  • Options: 2 per day for five weekdays during one 4 hour period OR 3 per day for at least 3 weekdays during a 4 or 5 hr period
  • PLUS:

  • Test 2 weeks versus 3 weeks / month
  • Another set of either of the above, making 18 – 20 ads per week

4: How to Craft the message

  • Decide on Branding vs. Direct Response Approach
  • Identify the purpose of the ad and write to achieve that
  • ONLY ONE AD at a time, DO NOT rotate more than one ad

5: How to produce the ad

  • Stations produce ads gratis
  • Stations can often outsource at low or no-cost to you
  • Who should voice it ? Fine for station personalities to voice it
  • Should you pay for an endorsement ? Not usually worth it
  • Even “live” ads are scripted Great artists can make it sound ad-libbed
  • Music in the background ? Optional in branding, NEVER in direct response

6: How you’ll track Response

  • Using excel, note each contact received (call, email, etc) and the date
  • Ask how they heard about your practice
  • Note the city and state of the caller’s residence
  • If you’re advertising out of state, ask if they have recently traveled in the state you’re advertising in
  • Ask their three favorite radio stations
  • Total up how many calls were received each week and for the month
  • Cross reference your responses with the weeks you advertise

7: You must Refine over Time

  • Testing: The ad wording
  • The schedule (different show, time of day)
  • A different station

8: Become knowledgeable about marketing

9: Meet with your rep at least once each month

10: Don’t try to reach 100% of the population

  • Target your prospects and be ever present in their lives
  • This gives you customer acquisition, retention and ascension