Services Harmony Tenney Offers

Diagnostic Review / Marketing Audit

A diagnostic review to find a problem with a current marketing approach, along with suggestions for how it should be fixed or improved. You’ll receive an objective, third party review of your overall marketing activities, help setting an overall direction for marketing activities, and highlighting where the best areas for maximum ROI exist.

Strategic Marketing Planning

A strategic marketing plan that looks at products and services from the perspective of the marketplace. You’ll be given the marketing foundation from which to build a tactical plan, including a summary of the marketing objectives from a broad, overall perspective.


The development of compelling communications to promote your product or service.

Organizing the Marketing Department

Assistance in developing and organizing a new marketing department, or assessment of the effectiveness of an existing department (along with recommendations for improvement).

Marketing Training

Delivery of marketing training on one or a variety of topics: sales, sales management, online marketing research, copy writing, market research, various traditional media, new media, focus groups, the uncovery process, the bridge between sales and marketing.

Website Design and Related Work

Delivery of a website that produces a specific results: sales, sales leads, better navigation, a shopping cart that’s more user-friendly, etc. Setting up statistical reporting, traffic analysis, development of video and audio for site, etc.

Vendor Analysis and Recommendation

Assistance in selecting a vendor, improving communications with a vendor, double checking proposals for unnecessary / non-productive add-ins, assessing vendor compatibility with the company’s personnel, etc.

Market Research

Definition of the market, its current offerings, and the companies working within it. Also, the generating, refining, analyzing and evaluating of marketing actions and the performance of those actions. Provision of findings and recommendations, such as current areas of dissatisfaction, customer handling methods, competitors, ideas for new or improved products and services to fill unmet market needs, or approaches to customers.

Focus Group Assistance

Obtaining and analyzing information thru focus groups, setting the questions for the group, determining their perception of and opinion on a product, service or concept. Group facilitation, analysis and summary of focus group results, recommendations for any changes to current marketing based on results.

Branding / Brand Management

Analysis of your current branding, including memorability, anchors, attention-attraction, communication of benefits, interactivity and reputation. Includes summary of findings and any recommendations.