Secure Steady Lead Generation in any Economy

Radio advertising is particularly able to “target” groups and niches because it has different formats.

News Talk listeners differ from Lite Rock listeners – both in their age and interests. This works in your favor, and brings your investment to greater efficiencies. Because of radio’s targeting, specific stations (even specific hours of a particular station) can be as powerful as $1.30, $1.70, even $2.00 spent on another medium. Making dollars work harder is always in your best interest.

Radio works in coordination with your other media. Branding via radio will drive incremental results in conjunction with other media. It gives your business instant “insider” status – recipients know you and want to interact with your business ( It allows you to “personalize” your company via mental, musical and vocal imagery – very important to engaging, then holding “relationship” status in the brain of prospective clients. It can also “trigger” online searches and calls to 411 to find your contact info.