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Price of Change

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It’s amazing how often people talk about change – some feel it’s no big deal, while others tremble.

I found out a long while back that there is indeed, a price of change. When people repeat mistakes, at least they know the consequences – making a change in behavior causes a new, unknown outcome – and one has to be willing to accept, deal with and move forward from there.

I learned more about change from a pianist — although she could play beautifully from written music, she was unable to make music happen from her own knowledge – even though the rudiments were the same (88 keys, 8 notes, major and minor chords). This struck me completely silly – how could she not improvise, harmonize and make her own music ?

And then I realized – creativity is a skill – and teaching rudiments isn’t enough. If we do not know how to utilize the rudiments, if we cannot allow ourselves the opportunity to work with, to experiment, to actually create with them… then we are a function of what others have done before, created before…

far distant relatives of the truth
we can each proudly create “that which we are”
we will be supported in this creation / co-creation

and we will indeed, be harbingers of change
and thus leaders in reality

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