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Different Actions = Different Outcomes

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Subtitle: My Direct Response Campaign Resulted in A Husband

Years ago, one of my friends shared with me the Einstein quote “the definition of insanity is doing things the same way repeatedly, expecting to get a different outcome.”

I was quite shocked, because a specific area of my life (finding a husband) had always gone unchanged… I realized what had to change was my actions.

I had been reading Brian Tracy’s Maximum Achievement, and was inspired to write down what I wanted in a husband – I used the “want ad” format, and it took 188 words. I printed it onto little strips of paper (3 inches by 8.5 inches) and passed it out to every person I knew, lived by, worked with, met at the grocery store… you name it.

Every person that read my 188 words laughed. They would then state that I wanted too much. This lasted for a year… when one day, I realized there was one co-worker I had not yet shared my vision with.

She read it, said she worked with a guy a few years back that met all my criteria but one (and she shared how me had one thing I hadn’t mentioned instead that would substitute nicely). She asked if I’d like to meet him, and you bet, I said I did !! About 18 months later, we married, and it’s been a great 10 years and counting !!

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