Increase Referrals from Customers

Radio establishes your practice as a known quantity with the qualities of viability, trustworthiness and caring.

Radio is the ultimate word of mouth, in that you decide what is said, to whom it is said and how often they hear about you. This makes it easier to refer you, because the “sound bytes” you’ve placed in your ad allow the listeners to repeat your sales message to those in their circle of influence.

Radio also keeps your business fresh in the minds of current customers, so that you become part of the listeners’ “everyday economic realityTM.” Listeners are very loyal to their stations, so your message will be heard by them more often than with other media – especially if you choose a station with a high amount of listening time. When your “everyday economic reality”TM status is achieved, it’s stronger than “branding” – it means that literally, when the moment comes in that listener’s life for your product or service (a triggering event), they will think of you and seek you out, cash in hand.