Radio Advertising is one of the most uncharted territories in the media world! Maps are hard to come by, there are a few who swear that Radio’s full of Gold, and there’s a path littered with those who’ve “tried it” but left empty handed. Harmony Tenney has applied her steadfast curiosity, a desire to make a difference, and the determined nose of a bloodhound to finding out the mysteries of Radio Advertising. She’s brought them to light, placed them in full view, and removed all the nonsense !! Her system for radio advertising takes into account what works, what doesn’t, and how to make radio yield a bumper crop of profits year after year!

Attract a Steady Flow of New Clients

The reality of radio is that its an unmatched powerhouse of profitability, reaching 93% of American consumers weekly. 92% of listeners stay tuned during the ads instead of switching channels. Radio reaches 63% of persons ages 25 to 54 within one hour before purchase. And the Radio Ad Lab has independently verified radio’s effectiveness.

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Increase Referrals from Customers

Radio establishes your practice as a known quantity with the qualities of viability, trustworthiness and caring. Radio is the ultimate word of mouth, in that you decide what is said, to whom it is said and how often they hear about you. This makes it easier to refer you, because the "sound bytes" you've placed in your ad allow the listeners to repeat your sales message to those in their circle of influence.

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Secure Steady Lead Generation in any Economy

Radio advertising is particularly able to “target” groups and niches… because it has different formats. News Talk listeners differ from Lite Rock listeners – both in their age and interests. This works in your favor, and brings your investment to greater efficiencies.

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